Project Location

The Project, covering 210 sub-projects will be implemented by the Project Management Unit (PMU), 3 District-level PMU and 8 Block-level PMU established under Himachal Pradesh Agriculture Development Society of the Project.


Type No. of Unit Location Remark
PMU 1 Hamirpur PMU will take the overall managerial charge of the implementation of the Project. State PMU functions for overall project coordination, procurement management, financial management including collating the expenditure statements from field District-level PMUs and Block-level PMUs and consolidate these for the reimbursement claims to JICA, monitoring and evaluation, and preparation of reports such as Quarterly Progress Reports and Project Completion Report etc..
District PMU 3 One each in Hamirpur, Kangra (at Palampur ) and Mandi The main functions of District PMUs are to conduct PDCA (plan-do-check-action) cycle management and district-level monitoring and supervision utilizing GIS and MIS systems.
Block PMU 8 Three in Kangra (Baijnath, Nurpur and Dehra ), Two in Mandi (Mandi and Sarkaghat ), One each in Bilaspur, Hamirpur and Una under DPMU Hamirpur Block PMU will have following major functions: 1) conducting training for farmers and community motivators, and 2) Supervision, quality and progress control of infrastructure development at sub-project sites.